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5 Tips For Overcoming Imposter Syndrome As A Wedding Photographer

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If you are feeling overwhelmed by imposter syndrome, please know you’re not alone!

So many wedding photographers have felt this way at some point in their careers, even myself.

Here are some of my go to tips that have helped me overcome imposter syndrome and become a successful wedding photographer…

1. Acknowledge your accomplishments

It can be tough to feel like an imposter, but it’s important to remember all of the things you have accomplished. Make a list of your achievements, and refer to it when you start to feel down about yourself.

Seriously… do it.

Understanding how far you’ve come can be hard to see, but measure yourself from where you started and look at where you are now… I bet A LOT has changed!

2. Don’t compare yourself to others

Easier said than done, right?

But really, comparing yourself to other photographers is only going to make you feel worse. There are some photographers that I find so incredibly talented but can’t follow because I know it will make me get down on myself. Same with pinterest. I outsource that because I know it’s toxic for me and my personal creativity.

Each photographer has their own unique style, and there is no right or wrong way to do things. Just focus on developing your own style and doing your best work.

It might take a minute to get there… in fact, it took me all the minutes 

, but now I have established such a brand that it’s given me the confidence to truly create for no one other than myself and my client.

3. Take care of yourself

I cannnnot stress this enough. It’s important to take care of yourself both mentally and physically when you’re feeling overwhelmed by imposter syndrome.

Make sure you get enough sleep, eat healthy foods, and exercise regularly. Taking care of yourself will help you stay positive and motivated. If you’re feeling burnt out on editing (which I did and it was making me dread shooting knowing I had to edit)… outsource most of it!

So many examples like that have helped my mental health and has allowed me to truly enjoy working.

4. Seek out support from others

Talking to other photographers who have experience with imposter syndrome can be really helpful.

Seek out online forums or local photography groups where you can share your experiences and get advice from others… Like this group!!

This is exactly why I created it. I want to create an intentional space where I can teach what I know but also learn from each other.

5. Celebrate your successes (and share them with us!)

When you do achieve something great, take the time to celebrate! Revel in your accomplishments, and enjoy the sense of accomplishment that comes with them. This will help keep you motivated in the future.

And most importantly surround yourself with a community who is going to celebrate those successes with you! That’s the energy you need, and that is the energy I am trying to create right here in this community!

At the end of the day, photographer’s have a lot to offer when it comes to overcoming imposter syndrome. And above are my go to tips to look back on when I’m feelin a little “meh” about myself and my work.