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5 Tips For Falling in Love with Posing

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If you are feeling overwhelmed by how to pose, making it look natural, and how to guide your clients, please know you’re not alone!

So many photographers have felt this way at some point in their careers, even myself.

Here are 5 of my go to tips that have helped me master and fall in love with the art of posing…

1. Scoping Out Surroundings:

Before you even lift your camera, take a moment to take in your surroundings.Sometimes this means arriving at the shoot early, or even scouting the location a few days before. I like to look for where the light is and for elements that I can play with in my posing. Whether it’s an architectural element, a splash of color, or a grungy corner of the room, let your surroundings guide you towards creating poses that work with the space.

2. Leveling:

Leveling is key to setting up visually appealing, interesting poses. I love to create contrast with 2 people at different heights, and have them interact without actually interacting. This could be as simple as the person on the lower level having an arm around the upper person’s leg.

I also like to play with having both people at the exact same level to create a sense of balance and symmetry.

I encourage you hunnies to experiment with different levels and let your creative instincts guide you, it’s all about trying and seeing what works for you!

3. Posture:

Posture can transform a pose from school photo to sexy – i’ve seen it so many times! Depending on the vibe you want to convey, experiment with different styles, whether it’s a grungy slouch or an editorial fashion vibe. I always find it so helpful to try poses out, playing with my foot position and making small changes. This is usually how i show my couple what I want and makes sure the posture and position feels natural.

It may have taken a hot minute (okay, maybe all the minutes 😂), but now I know what postures work for my brand and I have the confidence to create for my clients and myself.

4. Subtle Direction and Guiding with Confidence:

The key to capturing natural and authentic moments is giving subtle yet effective direction. My clients are rarely experienced models, so I make sure to keep my instructions clear and simple. Describe the pose or mood you want to achieve, then show them visually or physically demonstrate it. I always direct one person at a time so that the other person does not get distracted or confused.

Providing validation and encouragement along the way is sooo important. Let them know they are stunning and doing an amazing job! Confidence in your direction will inspire confidence in your clients – who doesn’t love a compliment?!

5. Creating Genuine Connections:

One of my favorite ways to capture authentic emotions is to create a vibe where my clients feel comfortable and connected to me and each other. It’s all about encouraging interaction without forcing it, for example, if your client is walking in front of you headed to a different location, ask one of them to turn around and look at you. This is how to get those natural candid shots. Keep your camera ready to capture those spontaneous laughs, smiles, and intimate moments. Remember, you’re not just a photographer, but a mood-setter babe!

So bbs, it’s time to find your unique style of posing! Get creative, find your own artistic vision, and get confident in guiding your clients. Practice truly does make perfect when it comes to posing, and we’re all in this together hunni!!